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Taking a leap of faith

Most people know Park City for being the ultimate Ski destination. The secret is, most locals choose Park City as their primary residence for the Summer season! Park City, just 40 minutes East of the Salt Lake City (SLC) airport, is full of adventure, local flair, great food and an adrenaline junkie's dream!

I love when a travel destination forces me outside of my comfort zone...

The Alpine Coaster:

The Alpine Coaster is nestled between the buildings of the ... resort. This is a fun place for a kid's outing. They have miniature golf, rock walls and fun Alpine Slide adventures. But the Alpine Coaster is truly fun for adults. It's fast. The exact speed? I can't say. What I can say is that I felt like I was going to fly off the rails! It's about $40 a ticket. And if you ride as a couple, you will go even faster!

Mountain Biking:

During the Summer seasons, the ski slopes are turned into walking and mountain bike trails. I literally haven't ridden a bike in what may be close to 15 years. I know this is totally embarrassing to admit. Despite all that, I did pretty good! Only 5 bruises to report. You forget how much exercise you get while having fun. My arms, chest and butt was pretty darn sore. :-)

This ended up being a nice accomplishment. I was pretty terrified. For some reason, the thought of going downhill on a mechanism I haven't used in some time, while speeding on a trail with rocks and drop-offs was scary. I/we took 3 trails (green & blues). Honestly, after the first time down the mountain, I was ready to mark that experience off my bucket list and have a glass of wine. Instead, I decided to move deeper into my fear, settle into it and explore why I was feeling so hesitant to keep going. My biggest fear was flipping off the bike and hurting myself. I've seen several middle aged men go on these boy's trips and come back with broken necks or lumps on their head. Pads and helmets are required for very good reason. When I fell for the first time, I was completely unharmed. As Mike would say, I went with the fall and surprisingly it was enjoyable. I was happy to know I wasn't as fragile as I imagined. That fall was followed by 3 other falls. I thought I was golden until, two days later, I realized bikes cause bruises. Bruises, which take 8 times the days it took for them to form, to disappear. But totally worth it! These are awesome moments!

Mike and I are good travel companions. He encouraged me to go bike ridding and I pushed him out of his comfort zone to bobsled.

Bobsledding Utah Olympic Park:

If you want to feel like an Olympian, you've got to go to Utah Olympic Park. Some could see $75 a ticket as sorta steep. What's priceless is the

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