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What people are saying about Eden:

"Eden is a smart and caring advisor who does not necessarily tell you what to do, but guides you to do what you think is best for yourself. She is a great guide who instructed a rigid thinker like me to think “outside of the box.” In order to so, at her suggestion, I created a memory board that held iconic images of my dreams and goals. Eden had always told me about creating a memory board, but I was too cynical to try it. However once I did, in time, almost all of the goals I had for myself, I managed to meet. Eden is not only a great life coach, but she is a great friend."


F. Stewart

Los Angeles, California

"I met Eden while working at Creative Artists Agency. I made the decision to join the corporate side of the entertainment industry again reluctantly. Eden's light and energy was a refreshing contrast to the dark and dreary office environment. She is smart, aware and gifted with the ability to guide people to their higher selves. She helped me to navigate an environment that can diminish one's light. I learned a lot from her and I'm still benefitting from our communions years later. I am glad that she is walking in her purpose as a source of light to guide people in what can often feel like a dark and tumultuous world. After one conversation with her, I'm sure you will see the value in the services she offers."


T. Dossett 

Los Angeles, California

"I have had the priveledge of knowing Eden for a few months. I came to her regarding a friendship that I have. she was very attentive and gave me some solid ideas on how to handle the conflict that I had. I would highly recommend her as a relationship coach."


Milton Dearborn

Cody, Wyoming

"Eden has helped me turn my life and mind around. With her help I have grown so much, so fast. My goals and the road to meeting them is so much clearer. Eden is a natural at what she does."


Mike G.

Mountain View, California

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