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What is blocking you from the life of your dreams?


Saturday, March 21st  



LOVE Studios

2944-E Tapo Canyon Road

Simi Valley, CA 93063  


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Meet Eden Parish:

I specialize in creative visualization techniques meant to promote actualization and the manifestation of your dreams


"I have had the priveledge of knowing Eden for a few months. I came to her regarding a friendship that I have. she was very attentive and gave me some solid ideas on how to handle the conflict that I had. I would highly recommend her as a relationship coach."


Milton Dearborn

Cody, Wyoming

"Eden is a smart and caring advisor who does not necessarily tell you what to do, but guides you to do what you think is best for yourself. She is a great guide who instructed a rigid thinker like me to think “outside of the box.” In order to so, at her suggestion, I created a memory board that held iconic images of my dreams and goals. Eden had always told me about creating a memory board, but I was too cynical to try it. However once I did, in time, almost all of the goals I had for myself, I managed to meet. Eden is not only a great life coach, but she is a great friend.


F. Stewart

Los Angeles, California

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